About us

The "Company"

Let's admit it.  It's just me.  Kyle.  This started off as an attempt to see if I could even make a PCB.  Then some of the guys from the forum wanted to buy my prototype remnants.  I always figured I'd only etch the boards at home.  Then I realized that this was addicting, and I guess I'm adequate at it.  :)  For now, this is just a hobby.  Perhaps some day, it might be more.

If you have a board idea you want me to make, please contact me!

The "Profits"

Currently, I'm not doing this as a full-time job.  This is truly a hobby.  However, all profits are used to help my wife and me do another round of in vitro fertilization.  We'd like to, God willing, have another baby soon.  So, let me just say "thank you" in advance.


I really couldn't have done this without the help and support of a handful of people.  Here goes!

  1. My wife.  Duh!
  2. Fuzz Dog from Fuzz Dog's Pedal Parts.  He's awesome.  His stuff is awesome.  He has PCBs and kits and much, much more.  He has mentored me, even though one might consider this site potential competition.  I don't want to be his competition (yet? hah!).
  3. A list of guys who were willing to give my first boards a try.  Chad, Chris, Christopher, Wayne, Jim, Matt, and Jonny: Thank you, guys, for taking a gamble on me.
  4. Art, Mark, Ryan, Wayne, Dexter, Lee, and Jussi: Thank you for assisting and teaching (past, present, and future) me.  I don't know much, but you have made it so that I start to understand.